Life in Dörröd VIII The last morning.

This was such a difficult morning! In the morning it was so so beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it slowly as I received a message that the plan changes "we'll be there in 40 minutes". I began stressing out as "how to pack all my last moments of supposed to be 3h, now into 40 min?" That stressful feeling, hurt me. I tried to grasp all my planned slow goodbye morning into 20 minutes, so, the last 20 minutes I could CALM DOWN. But obviously did not succeed. I was shaking when taking these photos, I wasn't in a moment, so now looking on these foggy morning photos I'm really seeing the beautiful morning except I made all photos blurry. Maybe just a good effect for the fog? 

Here the photos are taken on our last morning walk. Those sunrises in Skåne highlands were just amazing as avocado cake.All this experience living in the countryside as everyday life was amazing, we really enjoyed every minute and day of it! We could see what we would want/need/like when finally reach the dream to live in the countryside one day. Discussing also the boring practical side of life in the countryside. A house takes a lot more work and investment after work than an apartment. And we thought that would suit us more, than the slow, lazy city life. 

And having a day! Oh my gosh, Chai is an amazing little lady! Definitely, I would like to have my own little chipmunk one day. And for my autumn blues, being away from the city life, was excellent. The best autumn at the best place of Skåne. I had not been able to enjoy and notice, observe autumn this much and this close to this year! 

I will always remember this autumn. I had not seen autumn so sunny and colourful in a long time. And the biggest thank you is to our Happy Dogs ranch owners Kurt and Liz, who recommended us to Lisa, their neighbour, for house-sitting. Now we are good friends, and I will visit little Chai to take out her for our nature walks again!

All the other links of time in Dörröd can find at the end of this page, after the photos. Hope you have enjoyed seeing my autumn adventure. Many new ones coming up!

Thank you!

This is the final part8th.